Adaptative Camouflage for the Souldier II

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The project aims to integrate several active and passive adaptation mechanisms into a textile-based soldier camouflage system. This system will address several wavelength bands, such as visual, infrared as well as radar. Military needs on sensing, fire power, mobility and endurance are considered. Optimization is achieved through both well-established and new methods to capture the adaptive properties. Military end users’ voice is a most important asset throughout the project.


Main goals

  1. Adaptive camouflage for the soldier in a realistic, relevant operational scenario will be demonstrated;
  2. Demonstration will be made with a tailored textile appliance equipped with both active and passive adaptive camouflage features;
  3. Reduction in detection range and hence the increase in survivability will be assessed, using both well-established methods and new methods to capture the adaptive properties.
-The main goals of the project are:

Project number: 800871

Project duration: May 2018 to April 2021

Total eligible cost: 2 631 507.00€

Financial support from EU: 2 631 507.00€

Project type: PPPA-PADR-RA Preparatory Action on Defence Research

Intervention region: Europe


Laboratory proof of concepts have been developed and demonstrated. The next  step will be the preparation of full size demonstrators for field trials.


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