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CELINOV project aims to develop and research technological solutions for the manufacture of components relevant to the future automobile. The challenges to which CELINOV project responds are the development of new mould design and moulding methodologies, as well as advanced technological solutions for injection moulding and quality control that enable the production of plastic components with specific optical and magnetic properties.

Preferentially oriented to the automotive sector, this project includes two lines of research, within the scope of advanced manufacturing and products with high added value: Lenses and Microlenses, and Magnetic Gears.

The Lenses and Microlenses research line include four development themes: parts design, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding and inspection and control.

Within the scope of Magnetic Gears research line, it is intended to generate critical knowledge and new technological skills in this area, to develop parts with specific magnetization profiles, without the need of using the overmoulding process.

Website: CELINOV – Soluções Tecnológicas Auto

​Main goals

  1. Development of a production process capable of manufacturing thermoplastic parts with complex geometry and functional optical properties, and that allows the detection of defects;
  2. Acquisition of critical knowledge in the field of electromagnetism and magnetic modelling of components and molds;
  3. Development of a production process [material + productive cell (mold + magnetization system)] capable of producing parts according to pre-defined specifications (geometry, mechanical and thermal properties, material, magnetization profile, remaining magnetic field, magnetic flux density, etc.);
  4. Comparison of three magnetization methods, using coils and power supply, permanent magnets integrated in the mold and magnetization after injection;
  5. Manufacture of an injection mold with magnetization system;
  6. Production of prototype parts with improved optical and magnetic properties;
  7. Development of a quality inspection system appropriate to the product specifications.
-Summary/Main Goals

Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-042747

Approval date: 11 March 2020

Project duration: February 2020 to January 2023

Total eligible cost: 2 078 407.93 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 1 429 985.35 €

Project type: SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção, Clube Fornecedores

Main objective: Strengthen research, technological development, and innovation

Intervention region: North of Portugal




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