R&D of Integrated Injection Processes

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I&DPIIMIO project aims to develop a new process, integrating different techniques and injection technologies, namely In Mould Labelling (IML), Microcellular (MuCell®) injection moulding and Overmoulding,  in order to produce technical parts with higher quality and new functionalities, reducing simultaneously the number of steps associated to the current production line.

The concept under development will provide the automotive interiors industry with a new process of high value added for development of complex componentes. At experimentel level, materials for IML process, with anti-reflective and functional properties (like capacitive sensors), and injection processes (MuCell®, IML and Overmolding) to develop a new concept mould and multiprocess to be tested in real conditions, will be investigated.

It is expected that the developed products aggregate new functionalities, expanding the company’s chain value and, with that, generate an innovative and differentiating offer that stands out from the available solutions and it is a valuable asset to potential clients.

Main goals

  1. Development of a label with anti-reflective and functional properties, ensuring its compatibility with injection moulding process, without affecting optical and mechanical properties;
  2. Development of a system allowing the production of anti-reflective and anti-scratch components in a single process, without resorting to current painting (which leads to high number of rejections and higher costs), and also the incorporation of a functional film (capacitive technology) to replace traditional mechanical buttons;
  3. Development of a polymer based composite to replace a metallic alloy used in the piece production for structural support of the screen, without compromising its mechanical performance.

Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-42832

Approval date: 08 August 2019

Project duration: September 2019 to November 2022

Total eligible cost: 1 997 525.39 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 1 125 324.48€

Project type: SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção, Clube Fornecedores

Intervention region: Centre and North of Portugal




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