Innovative sensing jigs for production lines

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JigSense project aims to develop sensing solutions for a device to support the assembly of components on production lines (template) in order to significantly reduce the volume of associated wiring, improving the reliability of communications, the service life of sensors and significantly reducing maintenance needs, both preventive and corrective. The JigSense project also aims to reinforce and consolidate AOF’s competences in the development of sensored devices and anticipate the market evolution in this field, through the synergies with the involved entities, namely CeNTI and INL.

Main goals

  1. Development of a sensor interface module capable of measuring the different sensor topologies and provide a low power bus communication, reducing, this way, the number of required cables for communicating with the PLC and their respective weight;
  2. Development of a low power wireless communication module that allows the interface between the sensor bus in the movable jig structures and the control system attached to the workstation, in order to eliminate the connection cables between the movable and fixed structures;
  3. Development of a module for wireless charging, or pulse charging, with temporary internal storage unit, which can eliminate the required power cables to the communication and sensor modules.
-Main Goals

Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-045087

Approval date: 03 October 2019

Project duration: October 2019 to September 2022

Total eligible cost: 945 136.10€

Financial support EU: ERDF – 708 099.82€

Project type: Copromoção – Clube Fornecedores Bosch

Region of intervention: North of Portugal  





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