Magnetized Gears

Mould concept with an integrated magnetization system

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In order to respond to a transversal gap of the automotive components industry and a specific challenge (launched by the ‘Clube de Fornecedores da Bosch’ programme), led the Consortium to propose an innovative mould concept with an integrated magnetization system, which allows the magnetization of parts during the injection process. Thus, will be developed a system to allow the conjugation of different technologies and the integration of materials that can be magnetized in a mould during the production process.

This goal will be achieved by the experimentation and testing of magnetizable materials and processes of magnetization of hybrid parts / structures, which occurs during the injection process of thermoplastic materials combined with ferromagnetic particles, allowing the (involved) companies to achieve a pioneering process of high added value for the development of parts and components with magnetic properties and increased features.

In addition, it is intended to promote the implementation in the automotive sector of technologies that promote the competitiveness of this sector and, at the same time, support process efficiency and the reduction of waste (by eliminating additional post-processing magnetization procedures) allowing economic benefits for the mould, plastics and automotive industry.

In addition to the skills created, along with, the final product, is expected to extend the value chain of companies, adding greater value to their processes, as added value to the market, through an integrated offer and competitive advantage also to potential clients.

For 36 months the project MAGNETIZED GEARS will be developed by a multidisciplinary consortium with high experience in the scope of the project, composed of two industrial companies, GLN MOLDS (the leading company) and GLN PLAST and by three non-profit R&D organisations – Universidade do Minho, PIEP and CeNTI – which provide all the needed technical and scientific knowledge for its success.

Main goals

1. Identification of magnetizable materials, compatible with the injection process;

2. Investigation and development of a pioneer magnetization process which allows the magnetization of gears during the time they are inside of the mould;

3. Development of polymeric and magnetizable material formulations whose properties meet the requirements defined by application, namely, mechanical and thermal resistance and intensity and orientation of the magnetic field;

4. Find solutions, specifically materials and tools, to magnetize gears inside the injection mould, assuring specified dimension accuracy and functionality.

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Project number: 042833

Approval date: 08 August 2019

Project duration: September 2019 to June 2023

Total eligible cost: 1 254 540,37 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 782 537,30 €

Project type: Co-Promotion R&TD Project

Intervention region: Centre and North of Portugal


The pursuit of the above objetives, aims to achieve: 

  • Improved performance of the productive process, caused by the reduction of the productive cycle in the order of 15 to 20 %. Through eliminating intermediate tasks, it will reduce associated costs in the production of the final component;
  • Higher dimensional stability, reaching the most demanding tolerances ideal for small parts, since it will be a unique process, with in-mold magnetization;
  • Find new solutions in order to minimize mechanical stress due to friction between mechanical elements.

These results will allow the creation of a product with high added value, which will enable the consortium to achieve the know-how required to produce magnetic gear wheels.


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