Constructive environments for an active, safe and healthy life

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Mobilizing project ActiVas is a disruptive and diversified response to the addressed challenges of an ageing population, a major challenge facing societies today, in terms of built-up environments and spaces. Composed by 6 PPS’s, the project aims to develop a set of innovative, technological, and multidisciplinary solutions for an Active, Safe and Healthy Life, that will contribute to the definition and optimization of a new concept of habitat, senior-friendly, endowing this increasing part of the population with the needed autonomy and safety, so they can enjoy a higher and better quality of life. The initiative targets are the population over 65 years, active (not dependent), with or without any capacity of technological interaction.

In this project, it is also aimed to evolve the concept of Habitat, endowing it with adaptive and transformative capacity, aligned with different age group’s necessities; understand health, well-being and illness determinant factors; prevent and take care of diseases in old-age; promote the active aging and self-management of health; optimize the informal methods and healthcare; render informal healthcare and integrated care in a more efficient form; decrease the existing gap between the senior population and remaining age groups; and fight the senior population isolation.

The project consortium, leaded by Kentra Technologies, is composed by 12 companies and 8 R&D entities.

Main goals

PPS1 – Solutions for a socio-connected built environment: Development of the project services and solutions platform;

PPS2 – Interactive and non-intrusive built environments: Development of interactive artificial agents integrated with the smart space; and development in terms of integration in materials and home automation;

PPS3 – Solutions for spaces adjustable in time and to the needs of users: Development of functional coatings for easy-cleaning and antimicrobials, and sensing (technology integration); and development of the integrative construction system;

PPS4 – Solutions for friendly and safe spaces: Development of ceramic-based materials with sensing for flooding detection; ceramic-based materials with sensing to detect toxic gases and infer possible fires; a home automation system for management and control of sensed information; and a module that aggregates all the information from the sensing systems;

PPS 5 – Integrated management of the solutions and business models for assisted environments: Provision of project base methods and instruments, and project pilot development;

PPS 6 – Project management and dissemination.



-Main goals

Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046101

Approval date: 24 November 2020

Project duration: July 2020 to June 2023

Total eligible cost: 5 298 365.57

Financial support EU: ERDF – 3 578 761.91 €

Project type: SI I&DT Empresarial – Programas Mobilizadores

Main objective: Strengthen research, technological development, and innovation

Intervention region: Lisbon, Centre and North of Portugal





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