Head Mounted Ar Platform  and Smart Vest system With Plug And Play Sensor Functionality 

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The objective of HARPSENS is to develop CYCLOPS and Smart Vest to become a full-fledged enabling technology for Industry 4.0 applications and a platform to build upon that is affordable and accessible to all industrial users while providing solutions for process enhancement in all major industrial settings. With HARPSENS, technology will be developed a fully integrated headset with high performing mobile computer, advanced computer vision software, novel plug & play sensing capabilities, and battery management, which enables to collect information from sensors on diferent Smart Vests to better understand all the surrounding environment as well as display that useful real-time Information on any surface for the worker to take relevant action on site without need of additional computation platform.


Main goals

1. Develop a high performance, yet power efficient untethered mobile computer;

2. Develop a universal communication protocol a diverse set of sensors for plug & play functionality;

3. Develop multiple sensor kits and drivers utilizing universal communication protocol;

4. Develop a novel operating system and user interface for CYCLOPS platform;

5. Develop/adapt advanced computer vision algorithms;

6. Develop an ergonomic, durable, yet lightweight casing;

7. Develop an ergonomic, durable and washable Vest;

8. Develop a small communication module able to be seamlessly integrated into the textile structure of the vest.


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Project Duration: June 2019 to May 2021

European Eligible Cost: 1.590.000 €

Finantial Suport from Feder: 549.633,20 €

Project Type: SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção

Intervention Region: Portugal and Turkey



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