Injection Moulding Protection Visors Production

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The Mould2Protection project will develop a new design of protective visors, using injection molding to produce the fixing rim and visor. Additional protection will be provided by anti-viral and anti-fogging coatings integrated in the visor, thus increasing the degree of protection for the user. The product design will be revised in order to allow not only an increase in comfort and usability, but also its reuse, contributing to its sustainability.

This work is financed by national funds through FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., under Project No. 090, Mold2Protection – Injection Molding Protection Visors Production – Special Support RESEARCH4COVID-19.

Main goals

  1. Improve overall design performance, especially ergonomics;
  2. Improve the protection degree of the visor, recorring to the functional integration of anti-viral and anti-fogging coatings;
  3. Allow the product to be reused, with focus on reducing the use of resources, promoting sustainability;
  4. Improvement of the performance of the visor materials, through its pre-additivation;
  5. Development of a solution that responds to the new needs of hospital staff and private users, motivated by the Covid-19 situation.


-Main goals

Project number: 090

Project Duration: april 2020 to july 2020

Eligible Cost: 30.000, 00€

Project Type: RESEARCH4COVID19


  • Product with improved design compared to current proposals;
  • High performance product, in the context of the current pandemic situation;
  • Product with added value (features and improved design), yet accessible;
  • Development and integration of features that can move quickly to the production chain;
  • Industrialization and implementation in the market.


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