Production of antimicrobial and anti-biofilm textiles of nanostructured surface, medical devices and membranes of water treatment

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PROTECT aims to develop a versatile platform of 3 pre-commercial lines for production of antimicrobial textiles for hospitals and public areas, anti-biofilm medical devices and water treatment membranes. These production lines will share as a common feature the use of high intensity ultrasound (US) in 3 different machinery designs:

  • Continuous roll-to-roll (R2R) US coating;
  • Continuous R2R spray coating with US nozzles;
  • Batch mode (non-continuous) US coating.


Website: Protect 


Main goals

  1.  Establishment of three pre-commercial nanoparticle [NPs] coating lines applied to solid substrates;
  2. Advanced low-cost, sustainable and safe coating processes and products;
  3. Novel highly efficient antimicrobial and anti-biofilm NPs – inorganic, organic, biological and hybrid;
  4. In situ monitoring and control of NPs coating processes and products;
  5. Shelf-life monitoring of the antimicrobial and anti-biofilm performance of the products based on specific indicators;
  6. Implementation of safety by design approaches to control potential risks during NPs coating and product  use;
  7. New functional products with improved performance: antimicrobial textiles, antimicrobial/anti-biofilm water treatment membranes and biocompatible antimicrobial/anti-biofilm medical devices. 
-The main goals of the project are:

Project Number: 720851

Project Duration: January 2017 to June 2021

Eligible Cost: 9.441.862,50 €

Financial support from the European Union: 7.478.987,75 € 

Intervention Region: Europe


The partners are progressing in the scale-up of the three processes developed in Protect, previously mentioned. Partner KLO carried out experiments on the existing R2R pilot to define and optimize the parameters required for a homogenous coating that will be further used in the new up-scaled machine. Partner CENTI optimized the spray R2R coating of cotton fabrics with photocatalytic and antimicrobial silica/titanium dioxide nanocomposites, following specific design-of-experiments trials. Partners UPC and BIU optimized the batch coating processes for medical devices using metal oxide nanoparticles, combination of metaloxides and enzymes, or functional biomolecules.

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