Products for a Safe Return

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PSR Products for a Safe Return project aims to develop a distinct and innovative product with an important focus on returning to normal life with the end of population's lockdown. With the opening of trade and industries, it is essential that people feel confident in the spaces they must visit, and that there are enough PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments) in the national market for its large-scale use. Thus, Controlar and CeNTI, intends to develop a modular machine for manufacturing PPEs. This machine will make the production method of several PPE compatible through an easily adjustable modular structure, with greater flexibility of the processes that are common to the various products. This project aims, therefore, to generate new products in the national market that are mostly available in the Asian market (PPE production machine and the PPEs itself). In addition, it is intended that it is possible for all materials and elements of the products to be developed to be supplied by national and European companies, thus helping the industry of this continent to overcome this difficult period.

Main goals

The main goal of the PSR project is to increase the potential to produce PPEs (which contributes to maintaining a low rate of infection in health facilities and other risk areas) in the European market. To this end, a modular machine will be developed to produce different types of PPEs.

-Summary/Main Goals

Project Number: POCI-01-02B7-FEDER-068079

Project Duration: July  2020 to December  2020

Eligible Cost:  230.509,31 €

Financial Support Feder: 184.407,44 €

Project Type: Co-Promotion R&TD Project

Region of Intervention: North of Portugal


PSR project will result in a modular machine to produce PPEs, which will have a flexible and highly efficient concept, enabling the production of different PPEs, adjusting the machine modules. This modular feature that the machine will present also represents a market innovation.


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