Monitoring of Liquid Oxygen

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The WireLOX co-promotion project aims to develop a device that can be easily attached to Linde's homelox, allowing remote monitoring of the liquid oxygen level. The prototype to be developed should consist of photo detectors, an electromechanical actuator, hardware for acquiring information and sending information to a digital platform, using WIFI / GSM technologies. The system will need electricity for its operation, and therefore a battery will be attached so that it can work autonomously. Alternatively, this system may have a direct connection to the outlet, so that it does not depend exclusively on the battery. The information will be sent by the device via wireless to the computer system of Linde, through which the monitoring of the different patients will be carried out and the identification of the need to carry out a trip made.

To guarantee the success of the project, a multidisciplinary consortium with complementary skills in the key areas of innovation was defined, composed by the company LINDE SAÚDE and ENESII entity (CeNTI).

Main Goals

  1. Development of hardware and firmware for information acquisition and homelox performance;
  2. Development of firmware to exchange information with the homelox digital platform;
  3. Development of the prototype design to be coupled to the homelox;
  4. Conducting tests on homeloxes.

Project Number: POCI-01-02B7-FEDER-069792

Project Duration: November 2020 to May 2021

Total Eligible Cost: 160.252,63 €

Financial Support EU: ERDF – 128.202,10 €

Project TypeSI&DT Empresas e Infraestruturas de Ensaio e Otimização – Copromoção – COVID-19

Intervention Region: North of Portugal


Final prototype working on homeloxes and communicating remotely with the digital platform.


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