Open Innovation Test Bed for Developing Safe Nano-Enabled Bio-Based Materials

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BIONANOPOLYS project brings together 27 European partners to create an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), an integrated platform of cross-cutting technologies dedicated to transform biomass into sustainable nanomaterials of industrial interest, in order to accelerate its introduction and adoption by the market, and boost the nanotechnology based on raw materials of biological and sustainable origin in Europe.

Through a Single-Entry Point (SEP), the project will offer to interested companies, access to physical facilities, technical-scientific knowledge and innovation management services necessary for the development, testing and scale-up of sustainable bio-nanotechnology, from the laboratory validation phase to industrial prototyping, facilitating the commercial exploitation of these activities by BIONANOPOLYS customers.

To fast-track the introduction of sustainable and industrially interesting bio-nanomaterials in the market, BIONANOPOLYS will upgrade 5 pilot plants focused on the preparation of nanomaterials from biomass, 3 pilot plants focused on incorporating these materials into composites, and 6 more with the objective to develop innovative bio-based nano-enabled products for a wide range of applications for packaging, textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food sectors. These developments will be up-scaled by 8 industrial partners from different sectors, within the project, in order to demonstrate the viability of the obtained results.

Website: Bionanopolys – for a more sustainable future

Main goals

  1. Upgrade and fine tuning of 14 pilot plants across the entire BIONANOPOLYS value chain, from nanomaterials preparation from biomass, composites incorporation, to development of innovative bio-based nano-enabled products for a wide range applications;
  2. Implement a transversal technology bureau to support pilot plants and end users by reducing technical risk, time and barriers to the market penetration;
  3. Launch and implement innovation management services for facilitating the comercial exploitation of the activities done by clientes and end-users of BIONANOPOLYS;
  4. Launch an acessible and economically sustainable Test Bed during and after the project.

Project Number: 953206

Project Duration: January 2021 to December 2024

Total Eligible Cost: 13 282 958,75 €

Financial Support EU: 11 756 623,63​ €

Project Type: IA​ 

Intervention Region: Europe



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