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CeNTI´25 project aims to strengthen and consolidate CeNTI as a Research and Technology Development Centre of reference in Europe in the areas of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for industrial applications, reinforcing its status as the interface of excellence for Portuguese industries focusing on the development of new products, processes and services for the market, anchored on new disruptive and added value technologies providing competitive advantages.


Main goals

Reinforcing and escalating  R&D and Engineering infrastructures;

Introduction of new lab-scale and pilot lines;

Explore new R&D lines;

Strengthening of technical and scientific competences;

Strengthening of international network;

Promote exchange of experts with national and international R&D institutions;

Strengthening of disruptive advanced technologies offer, knowledge and technology transfer to the industry through the development of new advanced products, processes and services.

-The main goals of the project are:

Project Number: 6

Project Duration: June 2018 to June 2021

Eligible Cost: 897 832.72 €

Financial Support ERDF: N/A

Project Type: Financiamento Plurianual de Base dos Centros de Interface

Region of Intervention: North of Portugal




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