Development of a platform that boosts entrepreneurship in activities of knowledge

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The FuEL Project "Future Entrepreneurs' League" aims at the development of the FuEL ROOM platform that boosts entrepreneurship in activities of knowledge, technology and creative industries, granting access to a vast network of entities of the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

website: www.fuelyourambition.eu  |   Email: info@fuelyourambition.eu

Main goals

1. To foster sustainable improvements in different domains of the innovation ecosystem by creating easy-to-reach support networks for startups and skilled and creative entrepreneurs;

2. Identify new opportunities and business models based on high technological intensity activities and cultural and creative industries related activities and promote the appearance and acceleration of high value-added startups in these fields; 

3. Leverage resources, expertise and specialized support services available in the consortium and other regional, national and international entities with which partnerships may be established;

4. Stimulate synergistic conditions for the creation of opportunities for intersection, dialogue and connection between scientific and technological domains and artistic, cultural and creative industries.

-The main goals of the project are:

Approval date: 01 August 2017

Project duration: July 2017 to June 2019

Total eligible cost: 373 926.00 €

Financial support EU: 317 837.00 €

Intervention region: Portugal


- 8 supported projects until now;

- Applications ongoing.



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