Intelligent Water Management in the Textile and Clothing Industry

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GIATEX Project aims to respond to the challenges faced by textile ennoblement companies in terms of intensive water consumption. Thus, it is intended to develop a set of tools that allow companies to reduce specific consumption of water (using less intensive ennoblement technologies and adoption of treatment technologies that allow water reuse), and support decision-making on water final destination (through integration of process monitoring and control systems and a new tool to support water management).


Main Goals/Activities

The main goals and activities of the project are:

  • study and characterization of wet processes;
  • R&D in intelligent process monitoring systems;
  • R&D in ennobling technologies with lower water consumption;
  • R&D in wastewater treatment technologies resulting from the textile ennobling process;
  • implementation of technologies developed in pilot units;
  • development of a decision-support IT tool for water management.


CeNTI has a strong participation on the development of real-time detection and monitoring systems of different water quality parameters, and installation of a pilot unit at textile companies.


Code: C644943052-00000050

Project number: 17

Funding programme. Dimension​: Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP). Resilience

Component: C5 – Capitalisation and Business Innovation

Measure: RE-C05-i01.01 | Agendas/Alianças Mobilizadoras para a Reindustrialização

Consortium leader: Estamparia Têxtil Adalberto Pinto da Silva, S.A.

Investiment (agenda): 18 141 273.21 €

Beneficiary entity: CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

Investiment (beneficiary): 250 184.03 €

Project duration: October 2022 to September 2025




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