Industrial Sensing for Smarter Europe

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IS4SE project aims to create a technological infrastructure capable of integrating different types of sensors for monitoring steel sheet production lines. This infrastructure will collect, process and analyze data, allowing its visualization through augmented reality (AR) devices, after being processed by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The use of this solution will allow to increase productivity and process safety in the Steel sector. A cyber-physical system will be developed and implemented in order to reduce user interaction and constantly monitor exogenous and unexpected conditions in these processes. Thus, it is intended to reduce production costs and increase efficiency, without jeopardizing the safety of the process and workers.

Main goals

Its main objectives focus on the development and integration of monitoring systems in industrial processes, the acquisition of data in real time, the integration of communication technologies and the development and adaptation of algorithms to increase production efficiency, reduce energy costs, production and maintenance time, and increased product quality. The national consortium will be responsible for the R&D of different sensing technologies, data transfer technologies, software and control hardware. At the same time, it intends to increase the know-how of developing platforms for management and control of industrial processes, with the integration of AI models and AR technologies, areas dominated by the coordinator of the European project. IS4SE will have a dynamic and positive impact on the promoters' productive and economic leverage, generating new business opportunities in sectors that tend to evolve towards Industry 4.0.


Approval date: 10 July 2019

Project duration​: November 2019 to April 2023

Total eligible cost: 810 000.00 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 312 704.16 €

Project type: Co-Promotion – Eureka

Intervention region: North of Portugal and Turkey




During the project, an intelligent system will be developed, supported by the development of the following sensors:

  • Temperature sensors;
  • Vibration sensors;
  • Gas sensors;
  • Flow sensors.


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