Recycling of polypropylene based on ionic solvents

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ISOPREP [Ionic Solvent-based Recycling of Polypropylene Products] project aims towards the recycling of polypropylene [PP] products into virgin quality PP through the exploitation of a novel ionic polymer solvent designed for highly tuned solubility of PP patented within the partnership.

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Main goals

ISOPREP project aims to produce recycled PP that possesses the following key advantages/innovations:

1. A performance identical to PP resin freshly manufactured from fossil sources;

2. Cost effectiveness in comparison with PP produced from fossil sources;

3. Reduced reliance of PP production on fossil resources;

4. A reduction on life cycle emissions and energy compared with the use of fossil resources;

5. It results from an entirely closed loop with negligible loss of solvent per cycle and hence negligible emissions thus non-polluting;

6. The solvent used is non-toxic and non-flammable in the process temperature range;

7. The recycling process removes dyes, colours and impurities;

8. Prevents sending end of life PP products to landfill and avoids them polluting both land and sea.

-The main goals of the project are:

Project Number: 820787

Project Duration: October 2018 to September 2021

Eligible Cost: 6.921.935,00 €

Financial support from the European Union: 6.315.555,00 €

Intervention Region: Europe



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