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The Nanotech@NortePT project promotes the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in the domains of Nanotechnology aiming the increase on cooperation and investment of companies in R&D. Promotes the image of Northern Portugal as a supplier of knowledge and technology in this field.

Connecting the nanotechnology and advanced critical mass in the region, we intend to identify, develop and create new business projects that can position themselves and make a difference at a global level.

Site: www.nanotechnorte.pt   |   Email: info@nanotechnorte.pt

Main goals:

1. Increasing the competitiveness and leadership of Portugal, especially in the North, in the fields of nanotechnology;

2. Promoting private investment in nanotechnology through the definition of value chains involving companies, entities of the R & I system, clusters, investors, sectoral business associations and other players that operate in this market;

3. Promoting internationally the image of the brand "Nanotechnology from North of Portugal".

-The project main objectives:

Project Duration: June 2016 to May 2018

Eligible Cost: 207.562,50 €

European Union Funding: 207.562,50 €

Intervention Region: Norte of Portugal

Results / Actions

Action 1

- Awareness raising and training
- Creation of a network of experts
- Nanotechnology Roadmap and product portfolio
- Seminar with investors

Action 2

- Demonstration actions
- Demonstrators development
- Nanotechnology Open Day
- Internationalization

 Action 3

- Communication
- Reflection workshop to define the "Nanotechnology from North of Portugal" brand
- Nanotechnology awards
- Nanotechnology in the Media

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