Smart and Active Packing for Margarines

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SAP4MA aims the development of a printed active device using nanomaterials to produce smart packaging solutions for margarine targeting the extension of the shelf-life of the packed margarine through the controlled release of active natural antioxidant agents at the onset of the food degradation process.

Main goals 

  1. Development of printed devices in the form of smart labels for food packaging;
  2. Integration of smart labels in the process of injection molding of packaging covers for margarines;
  3. Development and application of nano-encapsulated active agents and intelligent coatings "Food Approved" and / or "Food Contact Approved".

Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-040816

Approval date: 14 May 2019

Project duration: August 2019 to January 2023

Total eligible cost: 1 788 895.00 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 429 959.15 €

Project type: SI & IDT Empresarial Projetos De I&D Industrial À Escala Europeia

Intervention region: Centre and North of Portugal, Turquia, Républica Checa



On going. 

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