Smart and Active Packing for Margarines

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SAP4MA aims to develop active packaging for fat-based products to maximise product life, without compromising organoleptic properties and quality, by integrating functional coatings and printed devices on the packaging. In this sense, the project's main goal is to strengthen research, technological development and innovation in the food sector, through the development of an innovative solution.

Main goals 

  1. Development of printed devices in a smart label format for food packaging;
  2. Integration of smart labels into the injection moulding process of food packaging closures;
  3. Development and application of nano-encapsulated active agents and "Food Approved" and/or "Food Contact Approved" smart coatings.

Project number: Nacional POCI-01-0247-FEDER-040816

Approval date: 14 May 2019

Project duration: August 2019 to January 2023

Total eligible cost: 601.008,06 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 429 959,15 €

Project type: SI & IDT Empresarial Projetos De I&D Industrial À Escala Europeia

Main objective: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Intervention region: Centre and North of Portugal, Turquia, Républica Checa



The results of the project are in a final validation phase, with real tests being carried out to assess the impact of the solution developed, on the organoleptic properties and respective quality of the fat-based products under analysis.


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