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SmartEEs2 project will capitalize upon SmartEEs strong technological OLAE platform and focus on the uptake of Flexible & Wearable Electronics enabling use cases, where OLAE can valorise its uniqueness (flexibility, conformability) and its promises for solutions in the fast growing business of wearables and Internet of everything. SmartEEs2 will orchestrate a pan-EU collaboration network of Regional DIHs promoting the best quality level of digitalisation experience, hence boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall OLAE European in DIH on Area3. 

Website: SMARTEES2 

Main Goals:

1. Easy access to digital innovation – ensure growing awareness and interest in the opportunities of flexible electronics technologies;  

2. high-value services to innovative companies – provide high value services in an affordable manner to help eu companies in digitalising their business thanks to FWE technologies testing, experimentation, and manufacturing support; 

3. PAN-EU collaboration network for flexible and wearable electronics – building a sustainable and pan-eu network of regional DIHs in the field of flexible & wearable electronics to increase the users base. 


-Main Goals

Project Number: 872076

Project Duration: January 2020 to December 2022

Eligible Cost:  7 999 466,25€

Financial support from the European Union: 7 999 466,25€

Project Type: Innovation Action

Region of Intervention: Europe



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