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OLED Lighting news

In oledpartnership with CeNTI, a Research Group at University of Aveiro has developed an OLED (organic light emitting diode) aimed to improve the lighting area performance, with brighter white efficiency, color-tunable possibilities as well as a simpler design.

This technology most recent results have been made public in the ANM2015, 6th international conference on Advanced Nanomaterials that took place last 20 to 22nd july, in the university premises, Aveiro.

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Industrial Scale Nanoparticles Synthesis

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Holidays 10 to 21st August

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18th Techtextil Symposium 2015

Latest published news about CeNTI participation in the 18th Techtextil Symposium, highlights to Nelson Cardoso presentation entitled "Bicomponent PCM fibres".

Complete article at: www.publico.pt

18th symposium