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CeNTI at Demo Street in Printed Electronics 2011

demo_street_xsApril 2011 - CeNTI was present with a stand last Printed Electronics (5 and 6 of April 2011) presenting the Sensortile product (a tile whcich is also a light switch) and the Wireless Socks. CeNTI products were also present in the Demo Street organized by IDTechEx.
More information at: www.printedelectronicsworld.com

EURATEX 6th Annual Public Conference

news_euratex_xsMarch 2011 - Next 1st of Abril, António Vieira, CeNTI CEO presented in Brussels a communication about "Advanced Textiles for Photovoltaic Energy and Lighting Applications". It was in the 6th Annual Public Conference Societal Challenges – Textile Solutions, organized by Euratex (The European Apparel and Textile Organisation).
More information at: www.textile-platform.eu

Wireless Socks presented at Smart Fabrics 2011

smart_textiles_xsApril 2011 – On the 5 April 2011, António Vieira, CeNTI CEO, presented a communication about "Regular Socks Real-Time Foot Temperature, Walking Distance and Heart Rate Monitoring" in the Smart Fabrics 2011 conference, London.
More information at: www.smartfabricsconference.com

6th BES National Innovation Contest edition

bes_newsDecember, 2010 - Last October 25th it was held the award ceremony BES INNOVATION, in BES Arte & Finança and was attended by Professor Anibal Cavaco Silva, President of the Portuguese Republic, and Dr. Ricardo Salgado, President of Espirito Santo Bank. In the Clean Tech category, FotoOrg (Low Cost Organic Photovoltaics) developed betweenCeNTI, Nanolayer Coating Technologies and the Physics Department of University of Aveiro was the winner. There were four more projects awarded in other categories.