-ASINA: boost the safe use of Nanotechnology in the Industry

ASINA: boost the safe use of Nanotechnology in the Industry

Boosting the implementation of Nanotechnology in the Industry by creating safer products for people is ASINA's primary objective. The Project called Anticipating Safety Issues at the Design Stage of NAno Product Development aims to put innovation at the service of companies and society.

Researchers from 21 international entities, including CeNTI, aim to validate ASINA-SMM (Safe-by-Design Management Methodology). This is based on developing Safe-by-Design (SbD) strategies capable of increasing safety and simplifying the design process of products containing nanomaterials (NEPs), as well as its manufacturing process.

Consistent with existing business management systems, ASINA-SMM will combine and integrate nano-security characterisation tools and data, allowing informed decisions and increasing stakeholder confidence. Companies will be provided with scientific criteria for evaluating solutions through a roadmap, including guidelines, analytical tools and best practices, among other standardisation items.

Within the Project's scope, two representative value chains of nanomaterials used at the industrial level are being considered: antimicrobial, antibiofilm and depolluting coatings containing nanoparticles, and cosmetic systems based on nanocapsules containing active ingredients for treatment and prevention of skin problems.

ASINA thus aims to promote consistent, applicable and scientifically valid practices, considering all dimensions of making products containing nanomaterials, such as functionality, manufacturing technologies, safety, quality, environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness, benefit and regulatory requirements.

Find out more about the Project HERE or HERE.

ASINA is funded by the Horizon 2020 European Union Research and Innovation Program.

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