-Green4Industry: innovative technologies for Energy, Industry and Transport sectors

Green4Industry: innovative technologies for Energy, Industry and Transport sectors

The Green4Industry Project, promoted by CeNTI, aims to boost the scientific and technological knowledge's transfer to the business ecosystem within the scope of Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Smart Systems. With this aim, a set of disruptive demonstrators were developed aimed at the Energy, Industry and Transport areas by means of disruptive technologies.

The Energy demonstrator involves the seamless integration of photovoltaic panels in a semi-transparent modular construction structure, creating non-disruptive architectural compositions. It also incorporates a luminophore pigment into the polymeric base, improving the panels' performance, and a functional anti-dust and waterproof coating, reducing the need for maintenance and improving the panels' ability to capture light.

As for the Industry demonstrator, it represents the advantages of using printed sensors and NFC tags in companies' logistics processes. Integrated temperature and impact/collision sensors allow companies and their customers to ensure the products are transported or stored in the best conditions, whereas NFC tags provide better tracking and location of items.

As for the Transport area, the demonstrator intends to exemplify materials with less environmental impact, more competitive and alternative to those traditionally used. This is based on developing bio-based composite materials whose surfaces can be functionalized by applying different functional coatings. Additionally, printed capacitive sensors and an electroluminescent alphanumeric display were also integrated.

The versatile application of these technologies can be enhanced, considering the functionalities applied. The idea of Green4Industry is that the Industry develops and integrates, in traditional processes and products, sustainable, innovative technological solutions, creating added-value products that strengthen its differentiation and competitiveness on a global scale while contributing to the well-being of society.

The Green4Industry Project is co-financed by Portugal 2020 under the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program (COMPETE 2020) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

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