-Portuguese company ChemiTek wins CeNTI Innovation Prize

Portuguese company ChemiTek wins CeNTI Innovation Prize

With "Solar Wash Protect", an innovative and sustainable solution, ChemiTek won the CeNTI Innovation Prize, launched under the Green4Industry Project. The technology is used for photovoltaic and thermal solar panels cleaning and anti-static protection.

The non-pecuniary prize, worth €2,500, was awarded at the final Green4Industry event, which took place on the 27th of June at The Baron's Hall & Gallery in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal). The initiative intended to recognise, promote and disseminate Innovation activities enabled by the Portuguese business ecosystem in the Sustainability and Digital Transformation fields targeting the Energy, Transport and Industry sectors.

“Solar Wash Protect” is a concentrated, biodegradable, innovative solution designed to clean solar panels, minimising maintenance costs and time. It uses advanced liquid technology to break down and dissolve a wide range of organic dirt, such as dust, bird droppings, pollen, and other contaminants that build up on the surface over time.

The unique, disruptive formula also provides anti-static protection that helps prevent future dirt build-up. In addition to making cleaning easier, it reduces water consumption by up to 50%, extends the useful life of the panels, and, as it is safe and non-toxic, does not damage them.

According to César Martins, ChemiTek CEO, the company has already prevented releasing 9,400 tons of CO2 and saved 3 million litres of water with this product alone.

The enterprise is headquartered in Esposende (Portugal) and is dedicated to developing highly efficient and environmentally friendly products. The technologies created have an ecological basis, namely by selecting biodegradable raw materials, using solar energy to power the factory and 100% recyclable packaging.

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