CeNTI promotes advantages of Smart Materials in Italy

The importance and impact of Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in the textile sector will be the theme of CeNTI's travel to Italy, with presence in two of the largest initiatives on the subject.

In October find us

Know all the initiatives in which the Centre will be present in October and follow all the news on social networks. 2 and 3 - Modtissimo Alfândega do Porto, Portugal...

CeNTI highlights the importance of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials in Taiwan

The impact and importance of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials on the textile industry will be the topic that CeNTI will address at TIFE 201...

Skhincaps will be presented in Brussels

"Skhincaps goes to market" is a workshop that will take place on September 3 in Brussels to promote not only Skhincaps main results, but also the products developed under this R&D project and its c...

CeNTI meets with big players of the automotive industry in reference fair

The Automotive Interiors Expo event will take place from 21 to 23 May at the Messe Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany, with the participation of CeNTI. Throughout the 13 years of CeNTI's research, more than 170 projects have been...
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