Concreta e Mecânica: CeNTI transfers knowledge about KETs

Disclose and transferring knowledge about KETs to the national industry, in the areas of Construction, Architecture, Design, and Mechanics will be one the main objectives of CeNTI's presence in

In November find us

Know all the initiatives in which the Centre will be present in November and follow all the news on social networks. 5 - Next European Pilot Production Network - EPPN Event 

Context WG4: The Impact of Smart Textiles on Construction and Architecture

Smart Materials, their impact and application in the Construction, Housing and Architecture segments will be the theme of CONTEXT WG4 (Textiles for Building and...

CeNTI at Modtissimo: Nanotechnology at the service of fashion

CeNTI is present at Modtissimo, one of the largest textile showcases in the Iberian Peninsula, which will take place on October 2nd and 3rd at Alfândega do P...

CeNTI promotes advantages of Smart Materials in Italy

The importance and impact of Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in the textile sector will be the theme of CeNTI's travel to Italy, with presence in two of the largest initiatives on the subject.
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