-CeNTI focused on Intelligent Digital Transformation and Sustainability

CeNTI focused on Intelligent Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Since its creation, CeNTI has focused on developing differentiating solutions focused on Intelligent Digital Transformation and Sustainability. Recognised as a Technology and Innovation Centre, it has been a reference partner in high-value disruptive Projects for companies.

Knowledge transfer and advanced technology are two essential pillars of CeNTI's Research and Development (R&D) activities, aimed at the Automotive and Aeronautics, Construction, Architecture and Smart Buildings, Health, Protection and Well-being, and Energy sectors.

In this way, CeNTI, in partnership with the business ecosystem and national and international entities, is involved in several Projects that intend to accelerate the digital transition and boost a more environmentally friendly industry.

Among these, the following stand out:

- STVgoDigital, a set of initiatives to boost the digital transition of the entire Textile and Clothing Industry value chain;

- PAC - Portugal Autocluster for the Future, which aims to generate know-how in the area of Mobility and Green Economy and promote a new positioning of the national automotive cluster in the global market;

- AUGMANITY - Augmented Humanity, which intends to anticipate the future, developing new intuitive, immersive and supportive solutions in industrial production environments, focused on Industry 4.0, people and their health;

- ActiVas, a commitment to create new environments for an active, safe and healthy senior life, with greater autonomy and quality of life, fighting the ageing of the population.

The Green4Industry Project, focused on promoting Sustainability and Intelligent Digital Transformation, follows in line with the established European Green Deal, and aims to promote the scientific and technological knowledge transfer to the business sector through demonstration, dissemination and valorisation actions of innovative technologies based on Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Intelligent Systems, CeNTI’s areas of expertise.

The intention is to make national companies aware of the importance and impact of Research & Innovation and to stimulate the search for technological solutions using new sustainable materials and processes, which can encourage the development of new value-added products and processes, enabling the positioning and competitiveness of national industries in the global market.


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