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Multifunctional and Intelligent Mat Solutions

The aim of the HelpInTex project (Project Nº 39721) is to research and develop multifunctional and intelligent mat solutions. The main purpose of these solutions is to detect and communicate the presence or movement through a fully integrated sensor system completely integrated in the mat’s textile structure, operating as an active remote monitoring system capable of detect and communicate/alert the presence and/or presence of movements inside the dwelling (or any given division). The mat will also have an anti-slip functionality achieved by the development of new non-slip yarns and fully integrated into the textile structure.

The innovative solutions envisaged in HelpInTex are part of the important and strategic market for textiles – as well as a security method, particularly in crime against private property and health care.

To guarantee the success of the project, a multidisciplinary consortium with complementary valences was defined in the key innovation areas composed by the company António Salgado and two ENESII entities (CITEVE and CeNTI).


Main Goals/Activities

  • Develop the knowledge and intellectual and industrial property necessary for the exploitation of technologies developed in the context of other products;

  • Promote and stimulate innovation and the development of methodologies for the design and research of new products;

  • To develop the capacity of intervention in the area of embedded electronics;

  • Develop multifunctional and intelligent mat structures with non-slip properties, integration of sensor systems in conventional textile processes and mobile application.


  • Proof of concept of textile structure with non-slip properties;

  • Proof of concept of the textile structure with a sensor system integrated by textile processes;

  • Development of a management and monitoring app for device;

  • Final prototypes (with integration of non-slip fibers and sensing system integrated by textile process and connection to the app for management and monitoring);

  • PPP submission.

Project Number



SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção

Project duration

April 2019 to June 2022

Intervention Region

North of Portugal

Approval date

22 May 2019

Total eligible cost

683 307.77€

Financial support EU

ERDF – 511 581.09€

Main objective

Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

With support of:


António Salgado


CeNTI - Center for Nanotechnology and Technical, Functional and Intelligent Materials
Citeve Textile Technology