ReShape IT brings students from the municipality of Famalicão to CeNTI

To promote, raise awareness and educate the children and education professionals of the municipality of Famalicão, in a playful and fun way, for the responsible use of resources and the recycling of materials within the school context....

CeNTI leads European consortium with 3.2 million euros

The great innovation of the project in relation to existing solutions in the market is that it takes advantage of nanotechnology to produce textiles that are more effective in the antibacterial functionalization, antioxidant or for thermal com...

Nanotechnology propels industry of the North of Portugal

Textile solutions capable of promoting light effects through the integration of LEDs, flood plinths or industrial fishing threads with luminous filaments. They seem like ideas from a distant future, but in reality they are only some of the innovat...

Nanotechnology won in a gala organized by CeNTI

A Sedacor, a Ruby Nanomed e a BestHealth4you foram as empresas vencedoras dos prémios de nanotecnologia promovidos pelo CeNTI e INL, no âmbito do Projeto Nanotech@NortePT, com o objetivo de reconhecer e...

CeNTI and INL will distinguish innovative success stories

Premiar as ideias e projetos mais inovadores, dar a conhecer novas aplicações práticas da nanotecnologia e o seu impacto na indústria do Norte de Portugal e criar novos conceitos, imbuí...
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